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You are strongly encouraged to reserve your spot in class in advance, as space is very limited.  Your payment reserves your spot in class.

For those with no experience on the Pilates apparatus who wish to join an apparatus class, it is required that you complete the Introductory Package of three private lessons as a prerequisite.

All classes:

Drop-in, $30

5 class punch-card, $125


MELT Method

The MELT Method is an innovative self-treatment program that is easy to learn and offers immediate results that you will feel and see the first time you try it. Learn how the connective tissues in your hands, feet, and body get dehydrated, the common problems this can cause, and how to rehydrate the Fascial system for more pain-free movement and vibrant health. MELT is for anyone who wants to slow down the aging process, decrease pain and stress, maintain a fit body and achieve optimal performance!

Five Seasons Pilates on the Mat

Join studio founder, Jean Gibson-Gorrindo, for this innovative new class.  Jean has fused her knowledge of the Chinese five season cycle (the inspiration for the name of the studio), with her experience of working the Myofascial meridians (as are used in acupuncture and acupressure) and fascial trains (as outlined in the work of Tom Myers and Anatomy Trains) to create an approach to Pilates matwork that is truly unique.  Using a variety of small props, the class will weave ideas from several exercise modalities, including Pilates matwork, Tai Chi/Chi Gung, yoga, and Feldenkrais.  It is the intention of the class to promote self-care, self-awareness, and exercising in harmony with the five season cycle.  This class will compliment all of your other activities, whatever they may be!


Joseph Pilates invented his various pieces of Apparatus as the need for new equipment arose in his studio.  On the Apparatus the repertoire of movement and Pilates exercises is greatly expanded, using springs to resist, or, in many cases, assist the movement.  Each piece presents its own unique challenges, while at the same time assisting and supporting the body in learning the work.  The Apparatus classes are taught on the Allegro® Reformer, the Allegro Tower of Power®, and the EXO® Chair – sometimes just on one of these, sometimes on two or three.  Our superior quality equipment is produced by Balanced Body® in Sacramento, CA.  Your body will be continuously stimulated and never bored – we promise!

Foundation Training

Foundation Training is a sequence of positions and movements that strengthen, heal, and re-educate the body to functionally move in space by intelligently implementing the various muscular chains of the body with a focus on deep muscular breathing. Developed by Dr. Eric Goodman, Foundation Training is literally the foundation for movement.


*Punch cards have a 45 day expiration.

**Five Seasons Pilates only accepts cash or check payments.

*** Five Seasons Pilates does not offer online registration or scheduling services.  Call or email us!